About Us

Fifty Yarder was founded in April 2018 by Paul Beckwith, a Raleigh-ish guy who serves as its Chief MoFu In Charge. Paul attends his share of Arena Football League games each summer, claiming allegiance to the Philly Soul, but his real passion is in looking deeper into developmental leagues. He’ll be putting nearly 14 years of blogging experience to work digging into second-, third-, and even fourth-tier arena and indoor leagues, focusing mainly on items involving the NAL, AAL, and EIFL, with a side of IFL and a dash of MAIFL.

As it happens, summer is a peak time on his day job so this inaugural 2018 season’s goal is a modest two to three posts per week. He’ll try to make them count, and figures to invite other regional bloggers for a spin on occasion. Stay tuned for more on them.